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5 x Bedford Double Finger Splint

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  • 5 x Bedford Double Finger Splint


5 x Bedford Double Finger Splint  ( please contact us if you want different sizes)



What is the Bedford Double Finger Splint?


The Bedford Double Finger Splint is designed to provide support for the last 2 joints of our fingers DIP and PIP joint. The double finger design means one finger is used to provide support and compensation for the injured finger, reducing the change of re-injury.


Made from elasticated cotton the Bedford Double Finger Splint will conform to your finger and provide optimal support.



When can I use it?


  • Ideal for all finger injures
  • Provides support and protection for daily activity and prevent further injuries


Which size do I need?


Measure the length of support needed for your finger


  • X- Small         4.5cm  (2.5cm diameter for 1 finger, total 5cm diameter)
  • Small              5.5cm (2.5 cm diameter for 1 finger, total 5cm diameter)
  • Medium         6.5cm (3.5 cm diameter for 1 finger, total 7cm diameter)
  • Large             7.5cm (3.5 cm diameter for 1 finger, total 7cm diameter)





How does it work?



The key to quick and effective injury recovery is PRICE. It stands for Protection Rest Ice Compression and Elevation


When an injury incur, we should follow the simple rules of PRICE to prevent further injury and reduce any delay that may occur during recovery. This Bedford Double finger will help to protect your finger from being knocked or sustain unwanted stress during vital first phase of recovery. Your finger will be immobilised comfortably in extension, so that your finger is rested in the best position and prevent from flexion contracture which can delay finger mobility later down the healing process.




  • Cotton Elasticated Finger Stall
  • Premium stability and comfort
  • Easy application



The Product is CE approved and MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) UK registered


Our product is 100% authentic and direct from Manufacturer

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1 Review

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    Definitely helps!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Nov 2017

    My Mum has used the splints for a slight "Trigger Finger" and they definitely helped.

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