Biethica Vitamin D3 High Strength 2000iu - 90 Tablet

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  • Biethica Vitamin D3 High Strength 2000iu - 90 Tablet


Biethica High Strength 2000iu Vitamin D3 capsules


Biethica High Strength Vitamin D3 capsules provide this important nutrient which contributes to:

• Normal blood calcium levels

• The maintenance of normal bones and teeth

• The maintenance of normal muscle function

• The normal function of the immune system

• And is involved in the process of cell division

Vitamin D3 is produced in our bodies underneath our skin as a reaction to sunlight exposure. Other natural sources of Vitamin D include salmon, mackerel, sardines, milk, eggs and liver.

A daily vitamin D supplement may be beneficial if consumers are of Asian origin, are housebound or rarely go outdoors, cover all their skin when outdoors or eat no meat or oily fish.

A recent UK Government report (July, 2016) recommended that everyone would benefit from a daily dose of Vitamin D.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, cholecalciferol preparation, gelatin capsule.

Daily Dosage : Take one capsule per day

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