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Healthlife Prep Swabs 70% IPA Alcohol Wipes NHS Medical Tattoo Nails Injection

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  • Healthlife Prep Swabs 70% IPA Alcohol Wipes NHS Medical Tattoo Nails Injection


Healthlife Injection/Tattoo Prep Swab (100 Sachets)




The Healthlife Alcohol prep pad wipes contains a blend of 90% Isopropyl Alcohol with 30% Deionized water. The 70% Isopropyl alcohol helps to kill and remove harmful bacterial found on any surfaces, preparing the area for safe and clean for injections, acupuncture, piercing or tattoo. The Healthlife brand supplies to both NHS and medical clinics. The product is therefore manufactured to the highest quality of medical specification.


This convenient wipe is also often used for cleaning mobile electronics such as Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and Cameras.  





  • individually wrapped alcohol prep pads.
  • Supplied to NHS and medical clinics
  • Ideal for Injection, acupuncture, piercing, tattoo preparation
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Great for cleaning and disinfecting office equipment and other electronics.
  • Effective for removing dust, dirt, and grease from electronics and peripherals
  • Great for screen protector installation and use on all mobile electronics
  • Kills and eliminates harmful bacteria found on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets & handheld gaming systems etc.
  • Special packaging prevents wipe from drying out for more than 2 years.
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