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Hubner Iron Vital M+ 30 Chewable Tablet Vitamin

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  • Hubner Iron Vital M+ 30 Chewable Tablet Vitamin


Hubner Iron Vital M+  

30 Chewable Tablets MadeinGermany



What is the Hubner Iron Vital M+?

Many consumers of Iron complain about the incompatibility of their Iron products. Often, taking them can mean indisposition and constipation. Iron Vital Chewable iron Tablets contain a new generation of Iron. The microfine Iron M microspheres are coated with a special protective layer which allows them, for the most part, to pass in to the stomach without irritating the mucosa. The majority of Iron is not released until the microspheres reach the small intestine. This way the stomach irritation is prevented. 

Iron is essential to our bodies, as it is required for many metabolic processes. As the building block for the pigment in the red blood corpuscles, it helps to feed our cells and organs with oxygen. Iron is also a valuable building block for many enzymes and involved in the regulation of many cell proceses esential to life. The most important of these being the body's energy metabolism.If your body does not get enough Iron, the human 'engine' will start to splutter. Do you feel 'listless'? Are you often tired or un-focused? Do you sometimes suffer from a lack of appetite? These can all be indications of an insufficient iron supply.

Iron Vital Chewable Tablets have a fruity berry taste and are suitabe for children. To ensure increased bioavailability if iron, the tablets are enriched with vitamin C. In adition, the product contains Folic Acid which plays a vital role during pregnancy. It contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy. Furthermore, Folic Acid contributes to normal blood formation and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Gluten Free - Lactose Free - Vegetarian - Vegan

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