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LP 715 Magnetic Back Support Neoprene Brace

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  • LP 715 Magnetic Back Support Neoprene Brace
  • LP 715 Magnetic Back Support Neoprene Brace
  • LP 715 Magnetic Back Support Neoprene Brace
  • LP 715 Magnetic Back Support Neoprene Brace


LP 715 Magnetic Back Support


The LP Magnetic Back Support is the ultimate magnetic brace that helps to encourage blood flow and healing for low back pain. This LP range is made with the highest quality Neoprene covered with stretch nylon to provide best comfort and compression on your back.


The support helps to capture and retain your body heat from movement, which will increase circulation around your back and help to speed up healing. 


Furthermore, the compressive force of the support will help to hold your back in the neutral position to allow controlled pain .


When can I use it?


  • Ideal for wearing in any sporting activities or during housework
  • Can be worn under garment for discreet control
  • Provides support, compression and relief during work activities require repetitive action


Which size do I need?


One size fits most (we recommend waist size no smaller than 23” or bigger than 42”)


How does it work?



Therapeutic Heat


Moist ‘Hydrocollator’ type heat is recommended by most professional trainers, therapists and fitness experts, in the treatment of muscle injuries from physical activity. Each support is constructed from uni-cellular neoprene, which characteristically retains natural body heat to speed the rehabilitation process.


Increased Circulation


A positive by-product of the therapeutic heat is increased blood circulation to the applicable muscle group. This desirable effect has been shown to be extremely helpful to both arthralgic and post arthroscopy conditions. In addition, increase circulation optimises muscular performance.




When a support is properly placed, the uni-cellular neoprene serves to act as another layer of ligament or tendon. Thereby, reducing stress and work load of a particular muscle joint unit. LP’s superior support make each product extremely effective in the prevention of sports/ work related injuries.




All supports are manufactured to maximise the proper compression to allow correct amount of pressure to the applicable body part.


Superior Stretch Durability and Comfort


All supports stretch 360˚, and will not lose this stretching capability over the lifetime of the product. All the supports are extremely durable and will remain effective even after repeated washing.


Quality controls and warranties


The LP Support Range is recognised as a leader for both quality and consistency in the field of sports medicine. Each support product is rigorously inspected for quality. Sine all LP products are hand-crafted, they are guaranteed to be free of defects in both workmanship and material.




  • Patented design
  • Lightweight
  • Premium stability
  • Easy application
  • Latex Free


The Product is CE approved and MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) UK registered


Our product is 100% authentic and direct from Manufacturer

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