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Medi GENUMEDI PT Patella Corrector Knee Support

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  • Medi GENUMEDI PT Patella Corrector Knee Support


Medi GenuMedi® PT Knee Support 


Feel the Perfection Feel Medi



Effective pain relief in cases of patellofemoral pain syndrome and patella lateralisation - without side-effects. The precisely positioned silicone ring surrounds the patella which is laterally reinforced by the patella tension strap.  This promotes the correct sliding action and alleviates patellar tilt ensuring enhanced stability.

Product benefits at a glance

  • For noticeable pain relief: the stabilisation of the knee-cap and the simultaneous massage of the thigh muscles guarantee enhanced comfort.
  • For everyday stability: the compression knit support enhances knee joint stability.
  • Effectively promotes treatment: the massage pads stimulate and relax the inner and outer anterior thigh muscles respectively. This promotes balance between the different muscles and thus has a positive impact on knee joint stability as a whole.
  • Invisible under clothes, comfortable to wear: the ultra-smooth finish and the use of breathable, skin-friendly materials ensure optimum comfort.

To restore muscular balance it is crucial to achieve simultaneous activation of the phasic vastus medialis muscle and relaxation of the tonic vastus lateralis.

The new Genumedi PT knee support has been developed in collaboration with a team of medical experts and engineers.

Using two specially designed pads, it meets both these requirements in a single orthotic.  The result: balance is restored and you are free of pain.


Two precisely positioned silicone rings activate and relax the anterior thigh muscles. The lateral reinforced patella ring stabilizes the knee cap and prevents patellar lateralisation and patellar tilt.


What Size do I need?




Please Measure the circumference 15cm above knee joint line for the (F)

and Measure the circumference 5 below knee joint line for the (D)

then refer to which size best fit you

(f) cm
(d) cm
37 - 40
25 - 28
40 - 43
28 - 31
43 - 46
31 - 34
46 - 49
34 - 37
49 - 52
37 - 40
52 - 55
40 - 43
55 - 58
43 - 46






Anti-slip System 
The firm connection between the knitted fabric and rods on the side ensure that the knitted fabric in the pit of the knee remains permanently stretched and free from folds, even during activities with frequent knee bending. The integrated silicone dot coating guarantees non-slip positioning of the soft support on the leg. Both of these features help to prevent the soft support from slipping over the kneecap and the knitted fabric gathering in the pit of the knee.
The medi commitment to quality is embodied by the state of the art, dynamic design with its vibrant threaded and knitted structures. The magenta coloured finished edge on the silver and black versions accentuates this commitment in a subtle, yet striking way. The sand version (without magenta edge) rounds off a range of colours that reflects every type of customer requirement.
Maximun Pressure Relief (for kneecap)
The open inner border of the silicone patellar ring ensures that the knitted fabric remains as elastic as possible, reducing the contact pressure on the kneecap during movement. This is particularly important as, for many indications, retropatellar cartilage damage is already present.
Comfort Zone (in the pit of the knee)
The new knitting technique in the pit of the knee takes pressure off the back of the knee making it pleasant to wear and provides compression over the entire area without constriction. It is especially good for soft connective tissue.


Product Benefits
  Medi compression - intelligent and effective products
Medi compression is the brand mark that makes medi products stand out. More than 60 years of German experience in design and research have been applied to bring you quality garments that are guaranteed to provide accurate graduated compression
  Clima Comfort
With its new material composition, the sophisticated Clima Comfort fabric now creates an even more pleasant climate for the skin. Any moisture that emerges is quickly and reliably absorbed by the inner fabric and then transported to the outside where it evaporates. At the same time the breathable knit allows oxygen to reach the skin.
  Clima Fresh
The integrated Clima Fresh function kills germs and provides a hygienic environment around the skin. A natural odour-free ambience is maintained as germs are kept out of the fabric.



Genumedi was awarded the red dot: product design 2011, the international known design prize for the best product design. A total of 1,700 companies from 60 countries and 4,433 products participated in this prestigious event.

The red dot awards exists since 1955: For the international acceptance of the contest a jury of renowned designers and experts judges the submitted products out of 18 categories according to strict test criteria and chooses the winners. The "red dot" seal of quality offers consumers valuable guidance, and is an important decision-making aid for buyers. So a red dot award is seen as one of the most important design prizes in Europe.
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