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Medi LevaMed Active Ankle Support Strap

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  • Medi LevaMed Active Ankle Support Strap


Medi LevaMed® Active Ankle Support 


Feel the Perfection Feel Medi


 Chronic Ligamentous instability with recurrent supination traumas (twisting of the ankle)
 Joint sprain with overstretching of the capsule, especailly for ATFL and deltoid ligament injuries
 Follow up treatment of fractures not requiring a cast
 Acute or Chronic, postoperative and post-traumatic irritation of the talocrurial and subtalar joint
  Preventative aid for ankle support


Mode of action

 Individual adjustable and removable strap system with elastic and inelastic sections that allows additional support and stabilisation and extra protection against twisting supination
 Massage effect from the integrated silicone inserts which helps to reduce swelling

 the compressive fabric and silicone insert exert a massage effect which promotes circulation and therefore assists with rapid resorption of haematomas and oedema



 anatomically tailored support with medially and laterally integrated silicon pads

 very elastic, breathable and moisture-transporting clima-comfort knitted fabric

 specially knitted comfort-zone over the instep prevents constriction and pressure areas

 Active adjustable strapping system to control stability needed


Product Benefits
  Medi compression - intelligent and effective products
Medi compression is the brand mark that makes medi products stand out. More than 60 years of German experience in design and research have been applied to bring you quality garments that are guaranteed to provide accurate graduated compression
  Clima Comfort
With its new material composition, the sophisticated Clima Comfort fabric now creates an even more pleasant climate for the skin. Any moisture that emerges is quickly and reliably absorbed by the inner fabric and then transported to the outside where it evaporates. At the same time the breathable knit allows oxygen to reach the skin.
  Clima Fresh
The integrated Clima Fresh function kills germs and provides a hygienic environment around the skin. A natural odour-free ambience is maintained as germs are kept out of the fabric.
  Comfort Zone
The soft comfort zones in sensitive stretchable areas mean that a comfortable feel is sustained throughout the day, even during sedentary activities, allowing discreet use under normal clothing.
Circumference (cm)
17 - 20
20 - 22
22 - 24
24 - 26
26 - 28
28 - 30

measurement: circumference of ankle at narrowest point above ankle bone

Please choose left and right foot

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