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Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support

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  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support
  • Medi LumbaMed Basic Back Support


Medi LumbaMed® Basic Back Support 


Feel the Perfection Feel Medi


What is Medi LumbaMed Basic?


Medi compression is the brand mark that makes Medi products stand out. More than 60 years of German experience in design and reearch have been applied to bring you quality garments that are guaranteed to provide accurate graduated compression for maximum recovery.

With its new material composition, the sophisticated Clima Comfort fabric now creates an even more pleasant climate for the skin. Any moisture that emerges is quickly and reliably absorbed by the inner fabric and then transported to the outside where it evaporates. At the same time the breathable knit allows oxygen the reach the skin.

The integrated Clima Fresh function kills germs and provides a hygienic environment around the skin. A natural odour-free ambience is maintained as germs are kept out of the fabric, allowing a permanent comfortable wearing. 


The Medi LumbaMed Basic is the Highest quality back support on the market


The clever design and fabric of the support allows the user to feel the maximum support and comfort when using this brace.

The support has 4 integrated, anatomically shaped (angle of 350°) dosal spring ribs that can be adjusted manually to ensure perfect adaptation to the anaomy of your lumasacral region.

Medi has created a Anterior Hip Comfort Zone in the support. The anatomically knitted support ensures a perfect fit all around the pelvis especailly around the hip region where movement will often cause the back support to de-shape and ride upward. The Medi support uses an anatomically shaped fasterner to allow a perfect fit without pressure.  



Who is it for?

  • Lower back pain (lumbago) caused by facet joint disorders
  • Postural muscle imbalance in the Lumbar spine
  • Ligamentous disorders
  • Disc related disorder
  • Sciatic nerve irritaiton and dysfunction
  • Post- Disectomy syndrome
  • Joint loosening in the lumbar spine e.g. osteochondrosis and spondylosis
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction


What Size do I need?


How to measure size for Ladies and Men are different.

For Ladies, Please measure Hip circumference


Ladies' Size
Circumference hip (cm)
76 - 86
86 - 98
98 - 111
111 - 125
125 - 140


For Men, Please measure Waist circumference

Men's Size
Circumference waist (cm)
66 - 76
76 - 88
88 - 101
101 - 115
115 - 130



  • Premium Breathable material ensures maximum comfort
  • Hand loop to assist application
  • Simple, strong fastening mechanism
  • Rapid Adaptation and fitting
  • 4 Integrated, anatomically shaped adjustable spring ribs
  • Proprioceptive compression effect exerted by the support stimulate metabolism, reduces muscular tension and eases pain
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