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MSD Resistance BAR

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380.00 Grams
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  • MSD Resistance BAR
  • MSD Resistance BAR
  • MSD Resistance BAR
  • MSD Resistance BAR
  • MSD Resistance BAR
  • MSD Resistance BAR


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MSD Exercise Bar






The Resistance Band Exercise Bar are made for rehab and training of hands, wrist and forearm


The MSD-Bar was developed after the repeated demands of numerous clients to come up with an MSD-Band quality flexible bar exerciser. And we must say that we are proud to present it to you. Developed to focus on hand, arm and shoulder problems, this product allows flexion and extension exercises, adduction and abduction exercises and even soft tissue mobilization, far more than the twisting and bending you would imagine.


Bar Size: 31cm length x 4.5cm diameter



Bar Specification

                                                 Length               Diameter               Force to Bend (lbs / kg)           


Yellow (Light)                              30cm                 4.5cm                                  10 lb/ 4.5kg

Green (Medium)                          30cm                 4.5cm                                  15 lb/6.8kg

Blue   (Heavy)                            30cm                 4.5cm                                   25 lb/ 11.3kg

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