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Mueller ITB strap knee runner support

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  • Mueller ITB strap knee runner support


The Mueller ITB strap is a lightweight wrap which helps relieve pain or aching on the outer side edge of the knee usually associated with Ilio Tibial Band Friction Syndrome (Runners Knee).


The Mueller ITB Strap features a textured neoprene construction which prevents slipping, increases air flow and has excellent moisture management properties. The compressive force is adjusted and applied above the knee joint restraining the IT Band as it feeds into the knee joint supporting the action of the knee and protecting the knee cap and surrounding area.


This support and adjustment to knee cap posture provides relief to any Ilio Tibial Band strain thereby reducing friction that causes knee pain throughout the running action.


The Mueller ITB Strap is very easy to use, highly durable and adjustable to determine level of support required. Designed for use generally and during activity especially with runners and triathletes experiencing iliotibial band syndrome (ITB) symptoms during training or competition.


The Mueller ITB Strap is one size fits all (minimum 11”/ Maximum 19”) and can be used on either the left or right knee joint.


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