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NAQI Sports Massage Lotion 500ml

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  • NAQI Sports Massage Lotion 500ml


NAQI Sports Massage Lotion Relax







What is the NAQI Sports Massage Lotion?


A new oil-rich massage lotion, with excellent lubricating properties. the new NAQI Massage Lotion no longer contains parabens, nor formaldehyde releasers which enhances the natural harmony of the skin. It provides intensive hydration which strengthens and softens the skin. Especially designed for longer sports massage.




When can I use it?


Post Sports massage plays an important and integral role in preparation for sporting activities. Sports massage can stimulate quicker recovery and restore the normal muscle activity, and prepare your body for next action. This is important for any regular sporting activity to prevent injury.


NAQI Sports massage lotion Relax offers relaxation and stimulates the blood circulation to alleviate any muscle stiffness. Provides intensive hydration, leaving the skin soft and supple, but never greasy.



How does it work?



NAQI massage oil increases muscle blood flow, mobilises soft tissue, improves drainage of lactic acid and relaxes our musculoskeletal system. This helps to bring muscle into quicker recovery and reduce the risk of injury during next activity. It is also a great way to break down any adhesion that causes stiffness and prevent your soft tissue from maximum output.





  • Post Sports Lactic Acid remover
  • Softens and warms muscle quickly and effectively
  • Best Post-sports massage oil






Our product is 100% authentic and direct from Manufacturer


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