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OPPO 1080 Neoprene Tennis Golfer Elbow Support

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  • OPPO 1080 Neoprene Tennis Golfer Elbow Support
  • OPPO 1080 Neoprene Tennis Golfer Elbow Support
  • OPPO 1080 Neoprene Tennis Golfer Elbow Support
  • OPPO 1080 Neoprene Tennis Golfer Elbow Support


OPPO 1080 Tennis/Golfer Elbow Strap





What is the OPPO Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support?


This OPPO Neoprene range is the premium support with a Triple Action effect for tennis/golfer’s elbow.


The high quality of neoprene that covers above and below the elbow joint means heat is trapped and stay in the injured area, allowing an increase in circulation which has found to be essential in speeding up healing process.

The wide Velcro strap that is secured right across both tennis/golfer’s elbow means that the direct compression can be placed upon the injured tendon, hence spreading the force that is asserted when doing any elbow/wrist action, therefore reducing the pain and avoiding further injury.

The enclosed neoprene with strap means the support is not going to slip or move, especially in high action supports, therefore providing effective treatment and comfort.  



When can I use it?


For treatment and prevention of Tennis/golfers elbow in sports


For relief of tennis elbow pain during any work activities that require repetitive loading like using hammer, screwdriver etc..



Which size do I need?

Measure around the elbow



Small             23-26cm

Medium         26-28.5cm

Large             28.5-31cm

X-Large         31-33.5cm




Which does it work?


 How Does it work?



The OPPO Tennis Elbow Support provides therapeutic heat and compression which is effective in relieving the pain of Tennis Elbow. In addition, the adjustable Velcro strap can be fastened tight to reduce the muscle action of the extensor tendons (that are responsible fro bending the wrist upward) of the forearm, which relieves the stress on the area affected by the tennis elbow tendon. By decreasing the stress on this painful area, the OPPO Tennis elbow range is an effective pain relief treatment for Tennis Elbow.

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