OPPO 1289 Thumb Spica Splint

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  • OPPO 1289 Thumb Spica Splint


OPPO 1289 Thumb & Wrist Spica Splint

  • Three removable metal splints in thumb area for improved stability.
  • Additional strap for stabilization during activities.
  • Supports the wrist and thumb, leaving the palm free.
  • Ideal for sprains of thumb, ligament support, and minor fractures of the thumb.

  • Position thumb on the thumb locking area of support.
  • Be sure the metal splints are on the lateral side of thumb.
  • Secure the hook and loop strap beside thumb area to desired compression.
  • Pull the strap around the wrist and secure hook and loop strap to desired compression.




  • De Quervain's disease
  • Thumb sprain/strain
  • CMC joint injury
  • Thumb pain







Measure circumference of your wrist.


13.0-15.2cm (5 1/8 - 6")
15.2-17.2cm (6 - 6 3/4")
17.2-19.1cm (6 3/4 - 7 1/2")
19.1-21.0cm (7 1/2 - 8 1/4")
FIBER CONTENTS 70% Coolprene®, 15% Nylon, 15% Cotton

 Our product is 100% authentic and direct from Manufacturer




This Thumb spica splint will fit both left and right hand. 

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