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OPPO 2041 Hip Stabiliser Support

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  • OPPO 2041 Hip Stabiliser Support


OPPO 2041 Hip Stabiliser




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What is the OPPO Hip Stabiliser?


A breathable, supportive hip stabiliser that provides controlled, even compression over the hip; stabilising the pelvis following a fracture or injury.

The support can be reversed for usage on left and right hip.

The OPPO hip stabiliser is made from a neoprene fabric with a cotton inside lining for extra comfort, this provides heating retention and compression which will aid a speedy recovery from injury and pain relief.


What size do I need?


Size: Measure around the hips

32″ - 36″
37″ - 41″
42″ - 50″





When can I use it?


  • Following Hip operation, the support will provide a even controllable compression over operative site, provide support and pain relief

  • Suitable for hip arthritis patient to help stabilise and support the joint to aid mobility

  • Helps to support Hip fracture or patients with groin strain. The OPPO hip stabiliser provides a controlled compression over the abdomen and upper thigh, so that it will help to immobilise the hip effectively.

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