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Oppo 2281 Wrist Brace Elastic Support

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  • Oppo 2281 Wrist Brace Elastic Support


OPPO 2281 Elastic Wrist Support



  • Helps avoid the misery and frustration resulting from an injured or weak wrist.
  • Provides firm support for the maintenance of joint structures with gentle compression over the wrist.
  • Retains heat to relieve pain.

  • Insert hand into the support.
  • Pull the support to the wrist.

  • Weak wrist




Measure circumference of your wrist.


13.0-16.2cm (5 1/8-6 3/8")
16.2-19.7cm (6 3/8-7 3/4")
19.7-23.5cm (7 3/4-9 1/4")
23.5-27.3cm (9 1/4-10 3/4")
FIBER CONTENTS 35% Cotton, 35% Nylon, 20% Rubber, 10% Spandex


The wrist joint is a complex structure, consisting of eight carpal bones and the distal part of the ulnar and radial bones. These are the radiocarpal and midcarpal joints. The ulnar bone doesn't directly articulate with the carpal bones. The triangular fibrocartilaginous complex (TFCC) is located between the ulna and carpals. With the disc, the radius bears 60% of loading; without the disc, the radius transmits 95% of the loading.
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