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OPPO Mesh Arm Sling Support

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  • OPPO Mesh Arm Sling Support


OPPO Mesh Arm Sling 3289



What is the OPPO Mesh Arm Sling?


Arm and Shoulder Sling that features comfortable mesh support to allow breathable non-sticky hold and is designed for use following shoulder injuries and shoulder surgery


When can I use it?


- To immobilise the shoulder and to allow healing following shoulder injuries
- Following shoulder surgery such as rotator cuff repair and shoulder decompression where shoulder movement is prohibited. 


Which size do I need?



Measure from elbow to the middle of the little finger



Small              23-25cm

Medium          25-30cm

Large              30-35cm

XL                   35-40cm



How does it work?


Made from mesh material, this shoulder sling has an adjustable webbing shoulder strap, which can immobilise the shoulder joint in the most comfortable position for healing. The sling features a foam neck pad for extra patient comfort and Velcro closures for greater stability.Keeping the shoulder still and supported relieves shoulder pain and encourages healing following shoulder surgery or shoulder injuries. 







  • Mesh design to remove excess perspiration
  • Lightweight
  • Premium stability
  • Easy application
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