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Clavicle Support

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  • Clavicle Support



What is the Clavicle Posture Support Brace?




A Professional Deluxe ‘Figure of 8’ thoracic posture support for treatment of thoracic spine dysfunction, posture related problem, broken collar bone and acromio-clavicular joint injuries.




Easy to apply, it provides personalised comfort fit with adjustable foam support, putting the shoulder girdle and thoracic spine in the best possible position for healing.






When can I use it?




The posture brace fits discreetly under your clothes, therefore you can wear it anywhere, during anytime. It aims to provide correct posture and provide support throughout whole day in your daily activity.




It helps to prevent shoulder slumping and the symptoms of ache and pain from posture strain and fatigue.






How does it work?




The easy self applicable straps has a figure of 8 design with adjustable Velcro, which meant the level support required can be adjusted accordingly.






What size do I need?




This item is one size fit all










  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Velcro straps for custom fit
  • Soft cotton padding to provide extra comfort




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