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ProTec Sacroiliac SI Belt

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  • ProTec Sacroiliac SI Belt





ProTec Sacroiliac Compression Belt  



 Used By Professional Athlete Recommended by Medical Professional



What is the ProTec Sacroiliac Belt?



The ProTec SI Belt is a Patented ALL NEW design supportive belt for Sacroiliac/ Hip Joint pain treatment and prevention.


The ProTec Belt has a unique design of a non slip Compression Gel Pad that allows targeted compression hold on this Sacroiliac Joint to give an all day long relief and comfort for sufferers of SIJ dysfunction, hypermobility, SPD and coxofemoral instability.


The ProTec SI Belt is the most advanced technology in the market for treatment and prevention of SIJ problem.   




How does ProTec SI Belt work?


The unique feature of the compression pad allows directed compression and support  of the sacroiliac joint, relieving stress and instability at these weight bearing structures. Rather than the restrictive movement conventional belt (like Serola) would give you, ProTec SI belt's directed compression system will help direct the resistance where it is needed most, whilst allowing other joint's normal motion.




What size do I need?


Measure your HIP circumference size for measurement (NOT Waist)


Small - 22"-30"

Medium - 32"-38"

Large - 40"-48"




  • Most advanced technology for treatment of Sacroiliac Dysfunction
  • Used widely by professional and athletes in U.S
  • Recommended for Maternity use Pre and Post Partum Hypermobility
  • Targeted Compression support for SI
  • Easy to use and allows normal range of movement
  • Slim and lightweight
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