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Steroplast Sterochef Blue Waterproof Plaster (7.5cm x 2cm) 100pcs

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  • Steroplast Sterochef Blue Waterproof Plaster (7.5cm x 2cm) 100pcs


Steroplast Sterochef Blue Waterproof Plasters

7.5cm x 2cm - 100 piece





Steroplast is a world recognised brand leader in the medical first aid field. The quality of their product and its consistency have always been central to their success - the reason the NHS hosptials, veterinary, sports and occupational healthcare professionals always ask for Steroplast products by name. 

All Steroplast products go through strict quality inspection, and carry the essential "CE" mark - your guarantee that each and every product exceeds the stringent quality standards required in the healthcare sector. 


The Sterochef range are fully certified medical grade plasters that are suitable for use in food industry. It is a legal requirement for anyone who works with food handling to cover wounds with blue plasters like Sterochef to comply to the law. 

Sterochef are designed to be durable with acrylic adhesive and will not fall off easily like the cheaper versions. The washproof ultra thin film is only 60 microns thick making these plasters extremely comfortable to wear. Each plaster is individually wrapped for 100% Sterile. 





  • Highly visible Blue Color
  • 100% Sterile
  • 5 years shelf life
  • Hypo-allergic adhesive
  • Superb washproof quality
  • Ultra thin latex free P.E film less than 60 micron thick
  • Low adhesion wound pad for easy removal and not harming wound
  • CE Approved




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