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Travel Foam Roller 10cm x 30cm

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350.00 Grams
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  • Travel Foam Roller 10cm x 30cm


Travel Elite Foam Roller



The Small yet Firm High Density Foam Roller 10cm x 30cm is the Must Buy travel companion for athletes or travellers who need to pack a roller with them without compromising a lot of travel space.


The Travel Foam Roller is made of single piece high density polyethylene, making it strong enough to withstand repetitive use during gym workouts and rehabilitation exercises. As well as being small and lightweight, this hard wearing roller is made of shock absorption material that provides a firm comfortable grip.



What does it do?


The Travel Foam Roller can be integrated into many forms of training




Enhancing the quality and efficiency of movement


Balance & stability

Proprioception and kinaesthetic awareness are improve by destabilisation of the training environment



The ability to resist muscular fatigue can be targeted



Stretching to improve soft tissue elasticity, allowing the joints to move more freely throughout their intended range of movement



Training integrated movement



Movement to liberate stored toxins in the body’s tissues, into the bloodstream


Myofascial release

Soft tissue mobilisation prompting musculoskeletal balance and the restoration of range of movement



Re-education of the stabilising muscles, which in turn leads to less stress on the joints



Prescribed treatment and restoration to a condition of good health from injury or illness



Advanced progression using body weight, leverage and free weights



Who is it for?


The Travel Foam Roller can be used individually or with a personal trainer, in small groups or in mainstream studio classes. It caters for beginners through to elite athletes and juniors through to seniors.

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