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Vital Physio 250ml Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Transmission Conductive Gel Tens EMS

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  • Vital Physio 250ml Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Transmission Conductive Gel Tens EMS


Vital Physio Ultrasound Gel 





What is Vital Physio Ultrasound Gel?


Ultrasound Gel is a water based gel and is used for all types of ultrasound examination and treatment as well as acting as a conductive gel. It is commonly used in hospital, health clinics, GP surgeries, obstetrics clinic and at home. Ultrasound Gel is typically clear and thick, but it is not comfortably sticky and it does not stain clothing. When applied to the skin, it doesn't drip off, it adheres to the skin lightly until it is wiped off at the end of procedure. 


The ultrasound gel removes the air between the skin and the transducer so the ultrasound waves can move freely between the body and the transducer. Similarly, the gel will allow EMS machines like Ab belt to transmit the stimulation current into the body and activate the muscle. 


Aside from muscle stimulation, one of the most common use of ultrasound gel for home care is when pregnant women use it with a Fetal Doppler. The gel is specifically formulated to act as a coupling agent when using the fetal Doppler.




When can I use it?



  • Ultrasound examination and treatment
  • Use with Fetal Doppler 
  • EMS and any Electro conductive machine e.g. Tens machine, Ab belt, toning machine/pads






  • Suitable for all Fetal Doppler devices
  • Acoustically correct for broad range of frequencies used
  • Clear Gel / Colorless
  • Completely aqueous, will not stain clothing or damage transducers
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, non-irritating
  • Professional product, used widely in NHS and private clinics


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