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Vulkan 7074 Epi-Med Tennis Elbow Clasp

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  • Vulkan 7074 Epi-Med Tennis Elbow Clasp




 5 sizes XS to XL


What is the Vulkan Epi Med Clasp?


The Vulkan Epi Med Clasp is specifically designed to provide targeted compression and support to forearm and elbow injuries, such as Tennis elbow or Golfers elbow.


The light weight material and comfortable unrestricting fit are ideal for injury prevention or treatment whilst continuing to play sports or for at work or home.


When can I use it?


  • Ideal for treatment and prevention of Tennis Elbow during sports
  • Provides support, compression and relief during work activities require repetitive action
  • Treatment of Muscle strain, Bursitis, muscular overuse and trauma


Which size do I need?


Measure 4cm below elbow crease



XS 25-27CM

M   28-30CM

L    31-34CM 

How does it work?



The Vulkan Epi Med Brace helps to relieve discomfort by mechanical compression of the forearm musculature. By applying mechanical pressure to the tendons, the direction of pull at the epicondylar attachments is altered and the force are both reduced and come from a different angle, allowing tissues to ‘rest’.


The C-shaped Clasp compresses the forearm musculature at its largest circumference below the elbow, without impairing blood flow.





  • Patented design
  • Lightweight
  • Premium stability
  • Easy application
  • Latex Free


The Product is CE approved and MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) UK registered


Our product is 100% authentic and direct from Manufacturer

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