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Vulkan AirXtend Back Brace Support

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  • Vulkan AirXtend Back Brace Support


Vulkan AirXtend Back Brace with Support Stay Double Pull Lumbar Belt Strap Sciatica Pain Neoprene







What is Vulkan AirXtend Back Support?



The Vulkan AirXtend Back Brace is designed for All Day support and protection for Low Back Pain and Sciatica patients.  This brace has adjustable Double Pull tension straps to ensure a Maximum fit with minimal bunching and slippage.


Slimline Vulkan AirXtend is designed with a tapered cut and flexible stays for enhanced lumbar support with a comfortable fit. The lightweight tension straps allo adjustable levels of support.


The patented Airprene fabric can move perspiration away from the body to keep skin dry whilst retaining body heat to help relieve pain and accelerate healing process.


The Slimline VULKAN AIRXTEND range is designed with adjustable tension straps offer controlled compression and a customised fit. The construction of the support allow the user to maintain a full range of motion.



What size do I need?


  • One size fits most
  • Vulkan AirXtend back brace will fit up to 43" waist size


What can I use it?


  • For Acute or Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Help control back movement for Disc problem patient
  • Help support back for Sciatic nerve problem
  • To provide support and protect back during sports or hard labour work to prevent sprain and strains.
  • Pain relieve for arthritis
  • To help symptom relief for Spinal stenosis, SI joint dysfunction, facet dysfunction



Product Features


  • COOLMAX® and Airprene fabric composition
  • Lightweight and easy application
  • Machine Washable
  • Customised adjustable fitting
  • Designed to be worn in high impact and elite sports or heavy duty manual work
  • Full fitting instruction included.
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