Vulkan Foam Neck Collar Brace Support

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  • Vulkan Foam Neck Collar Brace Support





Vulkan Foam Neck Collar Brace Support Whiplash Pain Spasm Relief  

What is the Vulkan Neck Collar?

A lightweight foam collar to support the head and neck - ideal for whiplash, stiff neck and neck pain.

When can I use it?

  • To relieve neck pain and muscle spasm following a Whiplash injury.
  • For neck pain relief in cases of acute arthritis of the neck.

Which size do I need?

Measure DEPTH from underneath ear to collar bone; and measure LENGTH around the neck.

  • Shallow/Short 7cm x 39cm
  • Shallow/Long 7cm x 48cm
  • Medium/Short 7.5cm x 45.5cm
  • Medium/Long 7.5cm x 51cm
  • Deep/Short 9cm x 42cm
  • Deep/Medium 9cm x 45.5cm
  • Deep/Long 9cm x 51cm
  • Extra Deep/Long 10cm x 53.5cm

How does it work?

Painful muscle spasms can develop following trauma to the neck, such as a Whiplash injury. This can make normal neck movements unbearably painful. Just supporting the weight of the head can be very uncomfortable. The firm support provided by a soft collar, such as the Vulkan Neck Collar, can alleviate those painful symptoms during the early stages of a neck injury such as a slipped disc in the neck and allow the user to obtain some much needed relief.


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