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Vulkan Sports Shoulder Support Brace Strap Pain Relief Neoprene

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  • Vulkan Sports Shoulder Support Brace Strap Pain Relief Neoprene



Vulkan Sports Shoulder Support Brace Strap Pain Relief Neoprene


3 sizes – Small, Medium, Large


What is the Vulkan Sports Shoulder Support?


This high quality neoprene shoulder support helps reduce shoulder pain, reduce swelling and accelerate healing. Perfect custom fit for shoulder. Ideal for sports where restrictions of shoulder movement is not desirable.


When can I use it?


Many elite athletes such as rugby players, goalkeepers, hockey players and baseball pitchers use this product to give some support, reassurance and proprioception feedback to help previous injured shoulder.

Women with a larger bust often find this shoulder strap is a very comfortable fit.


Which size do I need?




Measure Around Chest



Small              80-90cm (32-35”)

Medium         90-100cm (35-39”)

Large             100-110cm (39-43”)



How does it work?


The vulkan neoprene range features premium quality neoprene that retains heat and provide support that is helpful for the treatment and prevention of shoulder pain. By increase local blood flow, healing and recovery times can be reduced following a shoulder injury.


The vulkan neoprene has a unique spiral lining for removing excess perspiration, which avoids skin problems and is more comfortable to wear.


The Vulkan shoulder strap applies uniform compression around the ‘ball’ of the shoulder. Women often find that the Vulkan sports shoulder strap is very comfortable to wear as the strap does not cut across the breast region




  • Patented Spiral lining to remove excess perspiration
  • Lightweight
  • Premium stability
  • Easy application
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