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VULKAN Upper Back Posture Brace

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  • VULKAN Upper Back Posture Brace



5 sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL



What is the Medical Posture Corrector?


Professional Recommended Posture Correcting device with metal stays, designed to straighten and maintain shoulder/upper back in optimal position, allowing restoration of normal muscle tone and relief abnormal stress on our body.


Used widely in NHS and Private Health clinics nationwide, the Medical Posture Brace gives an all day long relief and comfort for sufferers of posture related upper back/neck pain and help restoring a normal back posture.




When can I use it?



The Posture Corrector can be worn at anytime, but it is especially useful during activities like office work or housework, when there are long hours of same activity whilst our back posture is often poor. The corrector will help user to hold your back in an ideal back posture position so that you are not able to slouch.


It is very useful to help children in posture development, the support will help guide the correct position should be adopted and avoid future problems.


For the senior patients, the support will help to relief pain from degenerative changes in upper back by proper fit compression and joint stabilisation.




How does it work?


The Posture Corrector is an aid that helps to re-educate a correct posture.


By holding and supporting the back in an ideal position, your body is no longer straining body parts that are wrongly loaded. By doing so, your body will then have reduced stressful pain and starts to administer the new adapted posture via our proprioceptors. Our proprioceptors are like sensors in our body telling our brain where our body is in relative to space. When our body is poorly positioned due to poor habit in sitting or standing, our body overtime got used to this and our proprioceptors will tell you that the poor posture is your norm. Therefore, by placing your body back to where it should be using the support, your body will feel very awkward initially as your wrongly adjusted proprioceptors will keep telling you to go back to old position. But through time, your body and proprioceptor will readjust to whatever you tell it to go, so after usually 4-6 weeks of good positioning, your body will no longer slouch as it has got used to the ideal postural position.





This support features dual metal stays and together with a reinforced criss-cross back to provide maximum compression and support. The amount of support can be calibrated via the easy applicable Velcro closures.


Constructed with a unique multi-layered soft laminate that provides excellent support and comfort with a soft cotton/ nylon lining. It is made with a breathable, ventilated material that allows you to wear this on your skin or on top of clothing.



What size do I need?



Measure around chest (under bust for ladies)


XS                   size 60-70cm

Small              size 70-80cm

Medium         size 80-90cm

Large             size 90-100cm

XL                   size100-110cm


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